Knowledge Management Case Studies


  • Rail Knowledgebank case study: Australia's Rail Knowledge Bank aims to provide a single, easily searchable repository for Australian and International rail-related information. The Knowledge Bank was conceived and funded by the CRC for Rail Innovation, motivated by a concern that skills shortages and retirements from the profession meant a resource was needed to support knowledge transfer.
  •   pdf WHV Clearinghouse case study (302 KB) :  Women’s Health Victoria (WHV) is an independent women’s health promotion organisation, based in Melbourne, Australia. Presto for DB/TextWorks in the Cloud was chosen to meet WHV's need for a fast flexible, cost-effective interface that could provide reliable 24/7 access to steadily increasing Clearinghouse search traffic independently of the WHV server.


  • pdf Center for Transportation Research (CTR) case study (621 KB)  :  The Center for Transportation Research (CTR) is a multidisciplinary and multimodal research institute at the University of Texas. The CTR Library chose Presto to manage research reports and other transport-related research.

  • pdf NASA case study (562 KB)  : NASA uses Presto and discovered a new way to manage knowledge. "[KnowledgeNet] has helped us organize and provide agency-wide access to mission-critical video and imaging assets allowing us to increase mission safety."

  • pdf Ophea case study (160 KB)  :Ophea is a not-for-profit organisation supporting schools and communities to fulfill the vision that all kids will value, participate in and make a lifelong commitment to healthy active living.

  • pdf Owens Corning case study (337 KB)  : Owens Corning is a global leader in building materials and reinforcements. The company installed Presto to renovate research and reporting.

  • pdf R.V. Anderson (RVA) case study (155 KB)  : RVA provides professional engineering, operations and management services. Presto was implemented to enable timely, accurate information access to drive lower costs associated with re-creating and re-capturing information. "Searching and identifying material that will support a project is significantly easier and the proof is with the 90% employee usage and up to 30% improvement in individual productivity across RVA."

  • pdf Large Government organisation Case study (139 KB)  : This large capital city of Canadian province is using Presto to enable easy access to the extensive digitalised Archives resources.

  • pdf Pharmaceutical industry Case study (139 KB)  : This top biopharmaceutical company recognised the need to improve its communication of product information. Presto was selected to easily gather and logically organise its data assets into a single consolidated view for quick and immediate access by approved users via a web browser.

  • pdf Media industry case study (105 KB)  : This publisher produces one of the top newsweekly magazines in the US. Presto was chosen to enable the company to meet the many challenges and to aid in maintaining its market leadership. The solution provides rapid access for all staff to up-to-date research and resources (including websites, RSS feeds, photos and social content).