Maxus ArtWorks


Maxus ArtWorks is designed for galleries or other organisations with art collections and provides a ready to use system for cataloguing your art works. User friendly screens make data entry fast and simple, while clear navigation enables you and your users to retrieve records accurately in an intuitive manner. Use Maxus ArtWorks to catalogue a physical collection, or a collection of digitised images, or both.

  Artworks Menu

Maxus ArtWorks is based on the DB/Text platform, a flexible and powerful database program that you can use to catalogue your collection quickly and easily. Text Works is used at over 2,000 sites in Australia, for cataloguing collections in libraries and information centres as well as museums, galleries and historical societies.

ArtWorks features

  • Searching is simple yet powerful
  • Data Entry Screens for art works and artists
  • Menu driven with clear screen layouts
  • Reports include valuation, artists and works, exhibition labels and more
  • View an image of an item from its Inmagic record


Maxus ArtWorks on the web

Adding Web Publisher Pro to Maxus ArtWorks gives you the ability to store, search, retrieve and view any kind of information—text, multimedia, images—on the web.

Maxus ArtWorks packages come with a web search screen and web layouts that let you move your collection catalogue to the internet or your intranet.* Or you can use Web Publisher Pro's drag-and-drop design interface to create your own web query screens and reports, making it easy for even non-technical users to publish their databases interactively on the Web.

* Note that you will need to purchase Web Publisher Pro to web enable your catalogue.

Please contact us or your local supplier for more information on Maxus ArtWorks or for a trial copy of the software.