Maxus Archives

Maxus Archives harnesses the flexibility and power of the user-friendly Inmagic® TextWorks software to deliver an application that will manage archives as well as memorabilia. Maxus Archives is ISAD compliant and adheres to sound archival practice based on the series system, with functionality to manage Acquisitions, Series, Provenance and Items.

Maxus Archives

There are four textbases which are linked to allow information to be brought together to document the context of the records and to minimise duplication of data – Accessions, Series, Provenance and Inventory.

Just like our other heritage applications,Maxus Archives takes advantage of Text Works features such as linked textbases, custom designed screens and forms and menus together with scripting to provide a simple interface that is easy to use, yet powerful in its capability. Archive records can contain images, where appropriate.

Maxus Archives can be added to any existing Maxus TextWorks system, or supplied with DB/Text Works as a new installation.

Maxus Archives2

Maxus Archives Features include:

  • Easy to use right "out of the box"
  • Powerful searching and reporting
  • User customisable*
  • Accession items as received for future detailed management
  • Register Provenance, Series and Accessions details once only, for use with all related items
  • Create your own series records to match your collection and usage
  • Describe each item in detail in the Inventory file, adding scanned images of documents or photographs as wished
  • Text Works database linking minimises duplication of data
  • Quickly and easily supply tailored lists of items in the Archive
  • Organise storage to suit your own needs, ordering items by Inventory Number, or adding Unit Numbers for all items within a storage box or location

Please contact us or your local supplier for more information on Maxus Archives or for a trial copy of the software.

* Add or change fields within the system, add reports, etc. Use the Text Works built-in designers yourself, or call on Maxus for help with customising a system to your own needs.