Web Hosting

Maxus Australia offers a World Wide Web hosting service for those who wish to mount their databases on the internet. This service offers Inmagic® users convenient publishing on the web, using Web Publisher Pro or Library Suite or Presto.

Maxus provides all hardware, internet host site facilities and manages the service. If you already have a web site, you will only need to add a link from your home page to your web-based search screen/s on our host server.

Costs vary according to the service provided, the size of your textbase/s and/or your updating frequency and method.

Web-hosted sites

Checkout some of our web-hosted clients using Web Publisher Pro, Library Suite or Presto.

How does it work?

Web Publisher Pro

For users of TextWorks, your TextWorks Screen Designer and Form Designer are used to create HTML search screens and report forms for the web. If you wish, access to your data can be password protected. You can provide your users with search-and-display screens; alternatively you can harness the interactive features of Web Publisher Pro and enable full record editing and deletion.

Once your textbase is established you send updates at intervals of your choice. You can use FTP, email or other methods, according to the size of your data and your own hardware capabilities.Costs vary according to the service provided, the size of your textbase/s and the frequency/method of your updates.

Library Suite and Presto

Maxus offers our Premium web hosting service enabling you to access and work with your Inmagic software without the need to maintain the hardware and software.

Next steps

email Contact Maxus for more information on our web hosting such as options and pricing.