Maxus Australia has been providing training to Inmagic software users for many years. We are renowned for our depth of knowledge and our professional, friendly approach. We can offer introductory or more advanced training in Text Works and Web Publisher Pro. We also provide training in Library Suite (Genie) workflows as well as in the more complex aspects of Genie customisation.

Our customers have a variety of needs so we offer a number of training options. We hold regular training courses at central locations and we also offer customised training. Customised training is flexible and cost effective – training can be held on a date of your choice, at your premises, via online interactive session or at Maxus offices. It can be tailored to cover topics to address your specific needs and at the level of detail best suited to your needs and experience.

Check out dates for training sessions in Melbourne in our Calendar. If you need training in Text Works* or Web Publisher Pro at times or locations, don't hesitate to contact Maxus or your local representative to arrange customised training at your premises or ours.

*Text Works includes traditional DB/Text Works as well as DB/Text Works for SQL (formerly Content Server Text Works)

**Web Publisher Pro includes traditional Web Publisher Pro and Content Server Web Publisher Pro

See also our Technical Workshops which provide insights into the capabilities of Inmagic software.

Register for one or more of our scheduled training courses using our Training Booking Form. Please note that we require at least two week's notice of intention to attend a training course.

For more details on training courses or any of our training options, please contact Maxus or your local representative.