Technical Workshops

Maxus Australia has been holding a series of technical workshops in various cities since early 2004. Our workshops cover a variety of useful technical topics.

The workshops take the format of a live presentation by Maxus technical staff, with handouts provided to attendees. The workshops are especially useful to those of you who use the Inmagic software quite successfully already, but would like to broaden your knowledge.

"Well, that's the best money we've spent in a long time. Not only could I find where to find the names of everything I needed for a script, but I even applied them correctly!!! The script actually works. I found the sample that exported records in CSV format, and I even added the command to put the field names at the top of the file!!"

Feedback from a senior librarian who attended our Scripting workshop

Past Workshops have covered topics such as:

  • Designing and creating forms and reports in Text Works
  • Creating and designing a Textbase
  • Calculations in Forms
  • Managing images
  • Passwords and Security
  • Canned searches in Web Publisher Pro
  • System administration
  • RSS
  • Recent features of Inmagic software
  • Using scripts in Text Works
  • Recent features

Next Workshops

Our next Melbourne Technical Workshop is planned to be "System Administration".   Many of our clients contact us for assistance with issues about how to maintain and work with their computer system.  This workshop will cover aspects of working with your system such as:

  • Backing up textbases
  • Recovering textbases
  • Managing textbase elements such as reports, query screens, record skeletons and sets.

The date and location is to be announced.  Contact Maxus by email or phone (03) 8526 0144 for information or to express interest in this workshop.

Our workshops are scheduled based on demand. For more information on workshops, to suggest topics you would like to see covered or to book, please contact Maxus