User Groups

Keeping in touch with other users of the Inmagic products can be both useful and enjoyable. Our web site also provides details of forthcoming user group meetings around Australia.

Inmagic User Groups and Online Forums

"Over the years there has always been a very diverse collection of people in the group, and it doesn't seem to matter what expertise they have or what version of Inmagic products they use. They all fit in. It's lovely that everyone enjoys the meetings so much, and I know from conversations that everyone really listens [...] and picks up lots of ideas. It's always nice to see that they don't rush away at the end but stay to talk to people who have become friends because of the links in the group. I think for those of us who are single person librarians it is so beneficial to catch up with other people in the same boat, too."

[...from someone who has attended many user group meetings]

Inmagic User Groups are designed to enable users of Inmagic's products to interact, network and generally share knowledge about how they use the products in their own environments. From PC based to the web environment, users of Inmagic's products have been friendly and helpful in sharing their achievements and giving their advice and support to new users.

We at Maxus have endeavoured to encourage User Groups around Australia and in the Asia Pacific to interact and network with one another.

Inmagic User Group Contacts

Have a look for the nearest meeting place and time.