Getting Help

There are many ways to get help when you have a question relating to your Inmagic product. These include:

Help Screens in DB/Text Works

The most immediate source of assistance is to use the Help screens. In many cases, this can solve your problem very quickly. Press F1 (function key), or the menu option Help, then Help Topics to open the Help screens.

Inmagic Knowledgebase and Other Online Resources

Inmagic's Support Knowledgebase is a fully searchable Web Publisher Pro textbase that contains a wealth of information on using Inmagic products (DB/Text Works®, Web Publisher Pro, Library Suite, Genie, etc). If you are in DB/Text Works and can't remember where to find this resource on the web, click on Help > Inmagic on the Web > Knowledgebase and your web browser will open in a new window and take you straight to the right web page.

Inmagic's Frequently Asked Questions are the most commonly accessed records of Support Knowledgebase.

Inmagic's Product Documentation contains technical notes, README files, manuals, installation notes and other documentation for Inmagic products.

The staff of Crew-Noble, an Inmagic software dealer in California, have also put together some useful tips in the Crew-Noble Knowledgebase.

Maxus Tips

Maxus Technical Tips are designed to enable you to maximise your use of the Inmagic products. Search for them at our Tips page. Or see our Technical FAQs for brief information on the technical questions that we are most commonly asked.


Andornot (a Canadian Inmagic dealer) documents the answers to many support questions in their blog.

Inmagic Discussion Forums

Inmagic Forums are for users to help each other - post a question to the whole Inmagic community and it is likely that some one out there has a solution! You can read forum postings on the web, search for specific information, or you can subscribe to the forums and receive either a regular digest of postings, or immediate email messages each time a new posting is submitted.

Inmagic Forum

Lastly, remember that Maxus Australia's experienced and friendly technical staff can answer your questions by phone and email. See our Software Support page for details.