Maxus collections


Maxus Collections is a DB/Text product specifically tailored for museums to manage a range of items including objects, books, newspapers, articles, paintings and photographs. TheMaxus Collections for Museums package was jointly developed by Maxus Australia Pty Ltd and Museums Australia Inc. (Victoria Branch). The structure is based on worksheets in the Small Museums Cataloguing Manual published by Museums Australia (Victoria Branch).



Maxus Collections for Museums is based on the DB/Text platform, a flexible and powerful database program that lets you catalogue your collection quickly and easily while still conforming to Museums Australia standards.

Maxus Collections - Powerful and easy to use

  • Find any item in your collection in seconds
  • Clear screen layouts and menu
  • Data entry screens tailored for objects, images, books and other printed items
  • Display images of colour or black and white photographs, paintings or original documents
  • Records can be sorted, displayed and printed in a range of formats.


Maxus Collections on the web

Adding Web Publisher Pro to Maxus Collections gives you the ability to store, search, retrieve and view any kind of information - text, multimedia, images - on the web.

Maxus Collections comes with a web search screen and web layouts that let you move your collection catalogue to the internet or your intranet.* Or you can use Web Publisher Pro's drag-and-drop design interface to create your own web query screens and reports, making it easy for even non-technical users to publish their databases interactively on the web.

* Note that you will need to purchase Web Publisher Pro to web enable your catalogue.

Please contact us or your local supplier for more information on Maxus Collections or for a trial copy of the software.