The thesaurus and taxonomy tools

"Thesauri" or "controlled vocabularies", for so many years the domain of librarians and indexers, are now also very important tools in the growing world of metadata. More and more organisations are looking for ways of gaining control over the subject metatags assigned to their documents, intranet pages, web pages and resources used for communications and knowledge management. Designing a well-thought-out taxonomy is a vital step in enabling consistent, meaningful metatagging throughout your organisation.

"If well done, taxonomy will allow for structured Web content, leading to improved information access"


Adding metadata to unstructured content makes that content considerably more useful. It increases the chances of the relevant content being retrieved by people who are conducting a search or browsing a site. It is also likely to lead to increases in productivity as people spend less time searching and more time locating the content that they need to do their jobs.

Used for many years in the information management community, MultiTes Pro is a popular and trusted thesaurus construction and management software that makes it easy to create, browse, print and maintain different types of taxonomies and thesauri on a standalone PC or a network. MultiTes Pro is inexpensive and very easy to use.

The Web Deployment Kit is an add-on product to MultiTes Pro, consisting of a set of tools that enable publishing of a live MultiTes Pro thesaurus on a standard web server, allowing users with any HTML browser to perform dynamic queries. The Web Deployment Kit is easy to use and provides you with a fully customisable web interface.


Further information on MultiTes products

The table contains links to some step-by-step tutorial files that are well worth downloading. They take you through the features of MultiTes Pro and will enhance your experience of the MultiTES evaluation software.

Description Size Download File
Lesson No.1 - Getting Started with MultiTes Pro 90 kB pdf Lesson 1 (93 KB)
Lesson No.2 - Navigating your thesaurus 243 kB pdf Lesson 2 (226 KB)
Lesson No.3 - Importing data from text files 30 kB pdf Lesson 3 (29 KB)
Lesson No.4 - Working with Subject Categories 147 kB pdf Lesson 4 (146 KB)

Click here to see a live demonstration of the new Web Deployment Kit in action. (Maxus Australia thanks the ARRB Group for permission to use the Thesaurus for the Australian Transport Index, as well as a sample of records from the Australian Transport Index.)

Check out a number of sites from around the world where the Web Deployment Kit is enabling organisations to publish their thesauri live.

Contact Maxus to discuss how MultiTes and the Web Deployment Kit can help you create and maintain taxonomies and thesauri in your organisation.