MARC Transformer reads the field names from your TextWorks structure, then you add details of the MARC tags which are to be transferred to each field. Designing a field map is straightforward:


Global field settings mean you don't need to make decisions for each field individually:


After completing the mapping for all the MARC tags you wish to convert, click on Transform in the MARC Transformer Main Window to produce a file ready to Import into your Text Works catalogue – that's all!

Once you have created and saved a map that tells MARC Transformer how the fields in your catalogue correspond to the relevant MARC fields, you save that map permanently. In other words, you only need to spend a little time creating the map and then you can use it again and again to convert MARC records.


You can also transform your Text Works records into MARC format, for uploading into MARC compatible systems, using similar field mapping:


Good news for users of Inmagic Genie!

MARC Transformer is provided free of charge when you purchase Inmagic Genie, which means it is very easy to load MARC records into your Genie catalogue. MARC Transformer also enables you to take bibliographic records from your Genie catalogue and make them available for use in MARC-compatible resources such as other organisations' catalogues or Australia's National Bibliographic Database on Libraries Australia (formerly Kinetica).