BookWhere for Windows is an indispensable bibliographic search tool designed for libraries. Cataloguers and

Reference Librarians will appreciate the ability to search thousands of libraries and related databases including academic, public, and national libraries worldwide.

BookWhere is the perfect tool for the ongoing cataloguing of new library material as well as retrospective conversion projects. Bibliographic records can be exported in MARC communications format for subsequent loading to a local library system or alternatively to the companion product MARC Notepad for editing/adding local holdings prior to loading.

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BookWhere Online is a subscription service that allows users to access MARC Records from thousands of bibliographic and media databases from around the world.


  • No software to install
  • No firewall Issues
  • Platform independent (PC, MAC, UNIX, ...)
  • Immediate results display
  • Simple navigation
  • Powerful, simultaneous searching
  • Customise for your bibliographic searching style
  • Automatically updates databases
  • Easily export records in MARC format

BookWhere Academic is the perfect companion software for many popular citation packages available today. Ideally suited to researchers and students, BookWhere Academic provides the same bibliographic search capability as BookWhere priced competitively for the individual user.

BookWhere Academic is essential for Undergraduates, Graduates, Researchers, Professors, Instructors ... anyone needing to find material located in libraries.

  • Use this tool to gather bibliographic data for a thesis or research paper
  • Conduct comprehensive literature searches
  • Expedite the interlibrary loan process by quickly locating desired material in any number of libraries located around the world
  • Build bibliographic and citation management databases quickly and automatically
  • Install a copy on your primary PC and your laptop so that you can take BookWhere Academic with you

For more information on BookWhere or BookWhere Online please contact Maxus or your local representative.

Page white put To download evaluation software of BookWhere, visit WebClarity's Product Evaluation Request page.


See also our web page devoted to Inmagic's MARC Transformer, which enables you to convert BookWhere records ready for loading into your TextWorks database!

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