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The Web Deployment Kit is an add-on product to MultiTES Pro, consisting of a set of tools that enable publishing of a live MultiTes Pro thesaurus on a standard web server, allowing users with any HTML browser to perform dynamic queries. The Web Deployment Kit is easy to use and provides you with a fully customisable web interface.Examples of the MultiTes Pro Web Deployment Kit in action!

Click here to see a live demonstration of the Web Deployment Kit in action. (Maxus Australia thanks the ARRB Group for permission to use the Thesaurus for the Australian Transport Index, as well as a sample of records from the Australian Transport Index.)

The following links take you to sites from around the world where the MultiTes Pro Web Deployment Kit is enabling organisations to publish their thesauri live. The links show you the range of information that the MultiTes products are suited to. They also demonstrate how easy it is to make the design of the Web Deployment Kit conform to your in-house web styles, creating a seamless, attractive and user-friendly interface.

Contact Maxus or your local representative to discuss how MultiTES and the Web Deployment Kit can help you create and maintain taxonomies and thesauri in your organisation.