Why is Presto unique?

A purpose-built Social Knowledge Network (SKN) application, Presto addresses a wide range of high-value business processes, topics and objectives including:

  • Brand enrichment and development
  • Competitive intelligence and consumer insight
  • Corporate libraries and research centers
  • Customer, marketing or sales support repositories
  • Incident management
  • Knowledge retention and preservation
  • Product development, research and innovation
  • Proposal management and development

Whether you're part of a pharmaceutical company disseminating information from R&D to medical affairs, building a product development archive to support research, creating a photo and image archive, or creating a collection of articles from external news feeds, Presto allows you to easily create and maintain collections of information assets while enabling your end users to efficiently research and share those assets. Content can be aggregated from disparate internal and external sources and deployed in intranet, extranet or web environments.

Because Presto captures content characteristics as metadata, content in many formats can be searched by a specific collection or across all the collections managed by Presto. In addition, Presto users can conduct federated searches across virtually unlimited external sources. Since end users may not know exactly what they are seeking, Presto also allows them to browse. End users can define alerts and access them via email, portlet or RSS subscription.

Presto Infogap


  • Empowers business groups to create and manage knowledge networks with little or no assistance from IT
  • Breaks down information silos making content more accessible, providing end-users with a 360 degree view of information and access to the structured and unstructured information
  • Provides alternative, community-driven classification systems to speed information discovery and enrich content and insight
  • Bridges the "information access gap" – merging relevant content, search, and community insight to address critical business initiatives, processes, topics or objectives
  • Improves organisational productivity – and the bottom line (improved business user productivity, decision-making and collaboration): Reducing the time staff spend hunting for corporate knowledge improves efficiency and enables projects to be completed faster, reduces the risk of inaccurate information and encourages innovation. For example, prior to creating a SKN, a mid-sized engineering firm found that their engineers were wasting up to 30% of their time searching for information rather than actually solving technical problems or spending time interfacing with client organisations and focusing on their core competencies. After deploying Presto, this organisation realised a 40% improvement in productivity, saving more than $1.2 million annually.