Presto Case Studies

Who is Presto for and why use it?

Read the pdf Top 10 reasons (49 KB)  why Presto is being chosen by increasing numbers of organisations.

The role of the information professional is evolving into that of a facilitator and strategist – someone who not only provides access to information, but actively cultivates knowledge in the organisation. Presto supports this evolution by facilitating knowledge management and maximising the value and use of both dynamic and archival information assets.

An examples of Presto implementation is:

  • Rail Knowledgebank case study: Australia's Rail Knowledge Bank aims to provide a single, easily searchable repository for Australian and International rail-related information. The Knowledge Bank was conceived and funded by the CRC for Rail Innovation, motivated by a concern that skills shortages and retirements from the profession meant a resource was needed to support knowledge transfer.
  • pdf Women's Health Victoria Clearinghouse case study (289 KB) : The WHV Clearinghouse is an information service and library that supports the work of Women’s Health Victoria.  Presto for DB/TextWorks in the Cloud solution was chosen to meet WHV’s need for a fast, flexible, cost-effective interface that could provide reliable 24/7 access to steadily increasing Clearinghouse search traffic.

Other resources: