Maxus Inmagic DB-Text Libr Suite Trimmed

Inmagic Library Suite is a full featured, web-based library management solution designed to meet the expanding needs of special libraries and information centres. Library Suite combines highly flexible information management tools (excellent web interfaces and powerful data storage and retrieval) providing effective access to both traditional and non-traditional library materials.

Library Suite is part of the Inmagic family of solutions using the Inmagic DB/Text Works platform, together with Inmagic Web Publisher Pro and  pdf Inmagic ® Genie (626 KB) , to deliver a web-based integrated library system (ILS) combined with flexible information management tools.. This technology also allows you to create databases in addition to those required to support Inmagic Library Suite so that you can provide access to a growing set of content resources both internal and external.

Inmagic Library Suite is designed to allow you to serve the growing needs of your organisation by offering functions directly from the web, available twenty-four hours a day. Accessible from a standard internet browser, Library Suite supports the back-office needs of the special library while simultaneously providing a rich and robust retrieval environment for end users.


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