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Affordable Web Interactivity Without Extensive Programming

Web Publisher Pro (with DB/TextWorks) is a fully integrated and interactive database system that gives DB/Text users the ability to store, search, retrieve and view any kind of information – text, multimedia and images – on the web. Web Publisher Pro is used by some of the world's most prominent corporations, government agencies, universities and legal libraries to manage and disseminate business intelligence, research data, image archives, product catalogues, help desk knowledgebases, and much more.

"The canned searches make life easier for everyone. They save us valuable time because we are able to set them up in a few minutes flat. And our clients love them because they get instant, highly relevant information via a single click!"

Librarian, Australian Drug Foundation (Web Publisher Pro user)

Web Publisher Pro enables you to make your DB/Text textbases available to a wide audience either on the web or through your organisation's intranet. It is easy to set up and maintain and it provides your users with a friendly web interface that makes use of the fast and powerful searching capabilities.

In addition to providing access through easy to use web query screens, you can set up quick links to popular topics, with the Web Publisher Pro "canned query" function.


Web Publisher Pro's interactive capability can be used to enable authorised users to add and edit records via the web. Additionally, compliance with international data exchange standards such as XML means that Web Publisher Pro integrates with other applications.

 Web Publisher Pro Technical Requirements