Presto for DB/TextWorks logo

Presto for DB/TextWorks is a limited version of Inmagic Presto that will enable many new web publishing capabilities for Inmagic Text Works users, while allowing textbases to continue to be created and maintained in DB/TextWorks. Presto for DB/TextWorks will work with both SQL and non-SQL versions of DB/TextWorks.

A few of the capabilities provided by Presto for DB/TextWorks include:

  • The ability to easily search across all textbases at once and display results in one view
  • Faceted Searching or Guided Navigation
  • The ability to provide custom home pages to securely deliver different content to different audiences
  • Support for SDI initiatives with email alerts and RSS feeds
  • Integration of social features such as tagging, ratings and comments
  • The ability to select and act on multiple search results items including Info-Cart, Email, Print or Save
  • Advanced image handling including auto-thumbnail and gallery views without programming
  • Browsing with shared, user created taxonomies
  • Automated upload of files to Presto on the server
  • Enhanced usage metrics and event capture reports

Presto for DB/TextWorks has been designed for Inmagic users who require advanced web publishing capabilities without the need for custom programming, which is often necessary when using Web Publisher Pro. Presto for DB/TextWorks does not replace Web Publisher Pro, however - Web Publisher Pro will continue to be enhanced and supported. Presto for DB/TextWorks just gives DB/TextWorks users an additional option for publishing information to the Internet or their intranet.

Maxus supplies hosting services to enable users to run Presto for DB/TextWorks (or a full Presto installation) for Internet access on a web server located in a secure data centre. All hardware and IT infrastructure is managed under the service – all you need to do is to maintain your DB/TextWorks textbases as usual.

Alternatively the Presto for DB/TextWorks Cloud Service is hosted and maintained by Inmagic and is available at a low-cost subscription fee.

More information about Presto for DB/TextWorks features in this Inmagic blog article or see the Maxus list of selected Presto features.