Inmagic's DB/TextWorks is a content management system - a type of database software that enables you to build networked and standalone textbases to manage diverse types of textual information and electronic information. DB/TextWorks is flexible and powerful and requires no programming experience and combines traditional database power, including the ability to manipulate data and perform arithmetic calculations, with the ability to handle large amounts of text. .


Like a database system, DB/TextWorks enables you to write reports, sort and subsort information and otherwise manage information with great power and precision. Similar to a text retrieval system, word searches and other types of queries are virtually instantaneous with DB/TextWorks. Because all fields are variable and unlimited in length, you can manage full and abstracted text, as well as other data types such as dates, images, numbers, computed numbers, and so on.

"I use Inmagic DB/TextWorks for bibliographies or database indexing. I have been using this for 20 years, for any work that requires capturing data and indexing it in any way. I have used it for bibliographies, subscription records, subscriber lists (generating invoices, mailing labels etc), and databases which describe things as diverse as traffic control devices, or the characteristics of libraries."

A longstanding user in Canberra

  • Fast, precise, user-friendly searches
  • Variable and unlimited-length fields
  • Inbuilt image management
  • Ability to manage data types such as dates, numbers, computed numbers, and
  • Simple but sophisticated "drag-and-drop" writing capabilities with the ability to sort and subsort information.

When you want to publish your textbase(s) over the Web, you can use either Web Publisher Pro or Presto for DB/TextWorks.