The DB/Text Works® download includes a demonstration version of the DB/Text Works software and sample textbases. The DB/Text® Web Publisher Pro download includes: a demonstration version of the Web Publisher Pro server software for publishing your DB/Text Works textbases on your intranet or the internet and one sample web-optimised database.

Please note that Web Publisher Pro is a web-based product so it needs to be installed onto an internet or intranet server running HTTP server software with Microsoft's IIS installed. (For trialling, you can install it onto a computer that is running IIS and hence is able to behave like a web server.) For Web Publisher Pro to work with your server software, you must also configure certain access rights on your server. Your IT professionals will be able to assist you in installing this demonstration of Web Publisher PRO. Contact Maxus for further assistance or information.

The DB/Text Works and DB/Text Web Publisher Pro demonstration software files will function until the end of the month following the month in which you download them. That is, if you download on the 5th of March, the software will continue to work until the end of April.

To download either the DB/Text Works or the DB/Text Web Publisher PRO demonstration software files or both, first contact Maxus or your local representative for the current month's download password. Then go to the Inmagic Downloads page. This page includes several drop-lists. In the first drop-list, headed "Platform", select Trial Version. Then in the next drop-list, headed "Product", select either DB/TextWorks Trial Versions or WebPublisher PRO Trial Version. In the box headed "Password", type the trial password that you have already obtained from either Maxus or your local representative. Then click Submit to open the appropriate download page.

When you click the link to download, choose to Save the download file - either to your hard drive or to a network drive. Also, we recommend downloading the Technical specifications (Support Matrix) and the Installation Notes.

Once it has finished downloading, you can use the file to run the installation of the demonstration version of the software. Note that the installation process will prompt you for a serial number. Be sure to use the Temporary trial password as the serial number.