Maxus Australia provides a range of barcode readers, labels and services that can help make your life so much easier.

Using one of the barcode reading devices supplied by Maxus, you can zap barcodes directly into your Maxus application's data entry of search screens, or batch load data from a portable device.

Tracking items on loan is made simple and easy, stocktaking can be automated and items that have been misplaced or moved can be identified. All it takes is a "zap" by one of the range available.

Fixed Barcode Readers

Portable Barcode Readers


Fixed Barcode Readers

These are attached to your computer and can be used to enter barcodes directly into a search or data entry screen.

ASP Barcode Zapper – Fast and easy scanning of barcodes

With a wide 80mm mouth, not much can escape and high scanning speed combined with an advanced decoding engine easily reads marginal barcodes. The Zapper's multi-interface design allows connection to a PC, Mac, RS-232 or even wand emulation.


ASP Zapper StingRay – Stylish, ergonomic and functional

The   pdf ASP Zapper Stingray (110 KB) is as stylish as it is functional.

This distance reading, Linear Imager Barcode Scanner has a read range of around 20cm, making it an ideal match for its optional Hands Free Stand. The StingRay scans quickly and aggressively, allows for both left and right handed use and incorporates all the major interfaces such as RS232, PS2/Keyboard and USB.


Portable Barcode Readers

Opticon OPN 2001

This tiny (30mm x 62mm x 16mm and only 28g!) pocket memory scanner makes barcode data collection simple for anyone. Using the pdf Opticon OPN 2001 (1.13 MB)  scanner is straightforward - scan a barcode and it will be stored automatically. For easy data transfer, the scanner is equipped with a standard USB port, which is also used to charge the internal battery.


Z4 DataTraq – Portable reader for added flexibility

The   pdf Z4 DataTraq (254 KB) Portable Barcode Reader is a battery operated portable barcode reader with keypad, LCD display programmed for use with Maxus Library's circulation system. It may also be run as a simple barcode reader. The Z4 DataTraq is ideal for library stocktakes: you carry it around the stacks with you, scanning in your collection's barcodes, then use its easy LCD interface to download the capture information into your DB/Text Works database. The Z4 DataTraq is also ideal for libraries that cannot process loans straight into a "live" version of their loans database; the portable reader can be located on the loans desk and the loans transactions that it records can be downloaded to the loans database on a regular basis. Some programming is needed to enable the reader to function this way; Maxus can do this programming for you.


Other models are available to suit a variety of applications: Bluetooth enabled for remote scanning, programmable portable readers, distance readers and more. Contact Maxus to discuss your specific requirements.