Barcode Labels

We can supply you with blank barcode labels in paper or polycoated form. While you can use the report writing facility in DB/Text Works to design and print your own labels, you can use one of the methods described below to print your own labels from your DB/Text Works databases, or Maxus supplies a label printing service.

Inmagic Barcode Application

Inmagic supplies a barcode generating utility for use with DB/TextWorks which can be downloaded using the login supplied with your current software download email.  The Barcode Application is one of several download options when you login.

Label+ software

Label+ software is a Windows application that makes it easy to print barcode labels with added text to your own specifications. You can use Label+ to set up barcodes with your choice of font, size and positioning on a wide range of label sheets. Label+ lets you include your own text (for instance, the name of your organisation or your department).

You can also use your Text Works software to print barcode labels, by setting up a suitable report design in your textbase.  Maxus can assist with this if needed.

Preprinted Barcode Labels

Maxus can also supply preprinted barcode labels according to your specifications. Fixed or variable text can be printed above and below the actual barcode. You can specify a range of numbers to be printed, plus a fixed prefix or suffix, or you can supply an ASCII file of data to be printed on each label. (Contact Maxus for details of how to prepare this file from your DB/Text Works database.)

During the printing process a plastic coating is fused onto the printed barcodes. These labels are expected to withstand approximately 1,000 scans before becoming unreadable. The labels are also moisture resistant though not waterproof.

Please contact Maxus to discuss your barcoding requirements.