Maxus Australia provides a range of barcode readers, labels and services that can help make your life so much easier. Barcodes eliminate typing errors, improve accuracy and speed up your processing times.


When used to identify library materials and even borrowers, barcodes make it a breeze to perform all of the out-of-the-box operations that come with our Maxus Catalogue package. Barcodes and DB/Text Works can be used to achieve a range of tasks, not just traditional library tasks such as managing loans and stocktaking. 

All Maxus applications are designed to take advantage of the efficiencies offered by the use of barcodes. For example, you can use barcode labels to identify:

  • Books
  • Audio-visual items
  • Files or documents
  • Physical assets (from desks to laptop computers)
  • Paintings and heritage objects
  • and much more

Using one of the barcode reading devices supplied by Maxus, you can zap these barcodes directly into your Maxus application's data entry or search screens, or batch load from a portable device.