Inmagic Software

Inmagic partner  Maxus Australia has a tradition of providing quality information management services to a broad range of clients across Australia. We introduced the Inmagic software system to Australia in 1984. In the years since, our focus has been on the provision of software and services for computerised information management, focussing on the supply of the Inmagic® DB/Text®, Inmagic Library Suite and Inmagic Presto, together with training, support and consultancy services. In recent years Maxus Australia has consistently been one of Inmagic's major resellers.

Maxus Application Solutions

We have developed and support a number of our own ready-made applications designed to address specific purposes such as library management, museum or art collection control, or enquiry management.Maxus applications harness the flexibility and power of Inmagic DB/Text

Software Add-ons

Additionally, we sell a range of other products whose functionality is ideal for our traditional clients: the BookWhere range of Z39.50 search software; the MultiTES thesaurus and taxonomy tools; and a range of barcoding equipment.

Maxus Team

Members of the Maxus team are longstanding and respected experts in the use and support of the products we sell. We stand by our products' quality and functionality and would be pleased to demonstrate them to you. For more information, navigate to specific product information, or contact Maxus or your local representative.