Presto  and Presto for DB/Text features

Version 4.7

May 2017

 Relationship Cloud A new Relationship Cloud control is available for Detail Screens.  The control allows users to explore the relationship between the current record and other related records.  The feature makes it possible to visualise "see also" links and thereby more easily find similar or related records.

Create New Content Type from CSV File A new Content Type can now be created from the field name (first) row in a CSV file.  2

Photo Slide Show  Multiple Photo Slide Shows per Home page now supported

File Uploader Widget  Home pages and Custom Detail screens can now include one or more File Uploader widgets. The ability to do this is specified in Role(s)

OpenFileAsAttachment  New Application Setting specifies whether documents of various types (PDF, MP3, etc.) are downloaded or open in a new browser tab.

And lots more

Version 4.6

April 2016


New Data View Connector A Data View Connector is now available to import records, including binaries (images/documents), from SQL Server tables or views. 2


  • "Recentness" of a record can now be included in Relevance calculation, so more recent articles appear earlier in the results when sorting by Relevance.
  • Find All Records – You can now use an asterisk (*) in the appropriate search box (Quick Search, All Fields, or field box) to find all records in the database, find all records in a specific Content Type

RSS Feed Widget This Home Page widget now supports the ability to display multiple RSS feeds in a single widget.

Custom Menu Items In Configure Menus and Menu Bar, a new Roles button permits you to specify which Role(s) can see the custom menu items.

HideSearchCriteria setting New Application Setting enables the search criteria in the body of the Search Results page to be suppressed.

Version 4.5

June 2015

RSS Feed Content Type : ability to ingest RSS feeds for one or more RSS feeds2

Display Search Results on Home page

Watermark Images: ability to specify text to appear as watermark over full images

Email enhancements: includes ability to specify a Look-up for e-mail addresses, sourced from a Value List, Profile, or another content type; and can specify default values for To, Cc, Bcc, and Subject.

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Retain Cart Contents across Sessions:  Presto can now retain the contents of each user's Cart across sessions.

Self Registered User: can now specify which Roles users who create their own account should receive, separate from those Roles specified for OPAC/Guest users. This permits self-registered users to use social features (tags, ratings, comments)

Search Results: Page numbers now appear in the form "1 of 33".

And lots more

Version 4.4

December 2014

 Search Screen Enhancements

  • Ability to specify that a single query box searches multiple fields (e.g., Title, Subtitle, Alternate Title).
  • Ability to include AND/OR/NOT controls between query boxes.
  • Ability to have multiple search boxes searching the same field (useful in combination with the AND/OR/NOT feature).
  • Simple term (exact match) searching as well as all Value List and Field Values controls on Search Screens now do term searches instead of phrase searches.
  • Date Search controls can be modified

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Search Results, Browse Collection, and Configure Views now support one level of subsorting.

Event logs:  The Administrator Tools page has a new Export Event Information feature, which permits you to export event information to CSV. 

Slide Show widgets : A new "Skip records with no images" check box controls whether Presto keeps looking until it finds the specified number of images.  Also, the default search for new Slide Show widgets is ContentItemId=1 so that only one record is retrieved until an appropriate search is specified.


Version 4.31

July 2014

Home Page/s:

  • External Widget Builder: A new widget to permit the inclusion of various widgets widely available on the Web (weather, time zone, etc.
  • Quick Search widget:  Now permits you to specify the initial settings for the Advanced Search controls. For example, you can set to default to searching the Title and Author fields in the Catalogue content type.

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  • RSS widget: This widget now supports more flexibility in how many items to display, and permits the 'published On' date to be hidden.

Version 4.3

March 2014

Mobile Web Site1: Presto can now be configured for mobile devices

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)1: Presto now supports the ability to create a search engine Sitemap to enable major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to index the individual records

Home Page/s:

  • Quick Search: This widget now supports the ability to select which content types and fields to search.
  • Tag Cloud widget: This new widget enables you to display all the tags in the system on the Home page.
  • RSS Feed widget: RSS feeds generated using the Search Results page now have the ability to use the permissions of the logged-in user making it easier to share RSS feeds across users without exposing them to information they should not see.
  • Photo Slide Show control:   Enhancements include the ability to display an image of the first page of PDF files; and now automatically excludes any records that do not have image.
  • Multiple Home Pages:  Permalinks to Home pages allow you to include the Home screen name in a URL, so you can link directly to a specific Home page from a Presto menu item, Home page widget, or link external to Presto (e.g., on your intranet).


  • Presto Reports such as Event logs now allow you to specify various settings when saved, for example, which pages to include, and which field separator to use for CSV output.

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Search Screens

  • Lookup/Browse Choices:  All boxes on a Search Screen can have a Lookup button to select the values that have been used in the field (similar to browsing in TextWorks for Web Publisher Pro).
  • Popup Lookup controls: Fields with Strict Value Lists now permit you to type in the box, providing more flexibility.

Saved Searches

  • Searches can now be saved, as either Private (for your use only) or Public (shared).
  • Public saved searches can be available to all users or restricted to specific roles.
  • Run Saved Search: a Run Saved Search option appears on the Search menu

Search Results

  • Limit search results: The Search Results page now includes a drop-down list which permits you to limit the Content Types to display
  • Actions menu: New menu shows the options to 'Search Again', 'Save as an Alert', and 'Save Current Search'
  • Guided Navigation enhancements: These include making Facet values (check boxes) available for numeric fields (Decimal/Integer); and ability to sort in descending alphabetic or numeric order.  

Version 4.2

August 2013

  • Guided Navigation (also known as Faceted Search) - Search Results can include the ability to quickly and easily narrow searches in a structured fashion using multiple filters.
  • Permissive dates: Presto now has a new Permissive Date data type which supports most of the flexibility of date formats used in Text Works, including partial dates (eg. June 2013) and trailing text.

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  • Home Pages: A new, more flexible Home page designer is available and multiple Home pages per user are supported.
  • Screen layouts can be user defined for both Home Pages and Detail Screens.

Version 4.1

December 2012

Home Page:
  • New Slide Show web part to display selected images
  • Quick Search box now has new Search Box Title setting

Searching: A new date variable permits you to create search links that retrieve recent content.

Social media features: Social commenting appearance has been improved.

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Screens and Views:.

  • New Slide Show widget for multiple image sin a single record
  • For Search Screens, the Category field now supports a Popup Lookup to browse and paste from a Category listing
  • File (and Linked File) fields in Screens and Views now support the ability to display the extracted fulltext of documents.
Import & export: various enhancements and capabilities for importing and exporting content, including ability to configure for Download as CSV

Version 4.0

October 2012

Text Works Connectivity

Connectors have been implemented for both Genie and Text Works to read all record and validation list changes from the textbase.

  • Create new Content Type from a TextWorks Structure. Using this new feature any textbase created in Text Works can easily be moved to Presto, or a Presto content type created that mirrors the fields, validation lists and other features of the textbase. You then have the option of continuing to maintain your textbase in the familiar Text Works interface, using the Text Works Connector to update in Presto, or solely using Presto for further maintenance of the content type.
  • Ability to analyze the contents of a .csv file exported from Text Works to determine Multi_Value or Date.
  • Import supports a new <ImportSettings> parameter for Import of CSV files, which converts new line characters into multiple fields (which would previously have caused an Import to fail!)

Search Results

  • Results are displayed incrementally, so you can see results more quickly.
  • The paging controls have been changed to match those in Browse Collection.
  • iFrames have been removed where possible in both Search Results and Detail Screens. This improves accessibility compliance and increases flexibility. Detail Screens that display a file in the Body Section still use an iFrame.

Tag clouds

The appearance of tag clouds improved. Eg. tags now listed alphabetically instead of descending order of popularity, all tags are the same colour, corners are rounded.

Record and Custom Screen Layouts

  • New Record Layouts can be used in Custom Detail Screens or Record Layout Views and give you precise control over the appearance of records.
  • Several screen layouts, including one with tabs and one with an accordion, are included.

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Configure Screens and Views

  • Tabs/Columns/Accordion – Search Screens, Add Screens, Edit Screens, and the Body Section of Detail Screens now permit you to display the controls in tabs, columns or an accordion. Print-Friendly Screens and E-mail Screens now support columns.
  • Multiple Screen Support – Each Content Type can now have multiple screens of each type.
  • New Record Layout Views give you precise control over the appearance of records.
  • Suppress Highlighting – You can now turn off highlighting for individual view items in Views Detail Screens.
Configure Roles
  • New Screen and View Permissions – allow you to control access to screens and views by role.

File & URL Fields

  • New Download>File(s) feature available in Search Results, Browse Collection, and the InfoCart permits you to download a ZIP file containing all the files associated with the selected records. File & URL fields now can be Multi-Value.
  • For PDF files, an image thumbnail of the first page is automatically created, stored in the database, and used in thumbnail and tile formats. For image files, the thumbnail is now generated once, saved in the database, and thereafter read from the database, rather than being dynamically generated each time. For PDF files, IFilter text extraction has been improved.

Federated Search1

  • New – Select either tabs or an accordion layout for the Federated Search results
Administrator Tools
  • View System Log Files – This option permits you to view the contents of the various Presto log files. (Note: Errors.log has been renamed Messages.log.)

Version 3.9

May 2012

Batch Modify3

New Batch Modify option is now available in Search Results, Browse Collection and InfoCart pages. This option, available in the Act on Content toolbar, permits authorised users to insert entries, or delete entries in certain fields.

Searching enhancements

The Sort By drop-down list now includes HTMLtext fields. This provides ability to use HTML for internal formatting of field, eg. italics & bold within a title, and still be able to sort by Title.


Password function now has provision for stronger passwords, ability to add password expiration, disable browser autocomplete as well as retaining password history.

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User Profiles3

User Profiles include a new HTML Signature field. This Signature appears in Presto including in Forum posts, Blog Posts and in emails sent by the user from Presto.



The ability to export or import content is now fully supported for Users, including profile images and password information.

Version 3.8

September 2011

Event reports

  • Query logging and reporting. A new Event type added to log queries. The Event Log Report tracks the query itself, which Content Types were queried, how many records found and the searcher.
  • Event log reports can now be filtered by a date range.


  • Ability to Export (all, or by id/name) and Import (new or Replace Property) report definitions using normal export request XML files.3
  • Enhanced report writer now available.2

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  • New Profile Filters feature to allow you to restrict user access to specific field values.
  • DOWNLOAD (save as PDF or HTML) and DOWNLOAD XML are now separate permissions.
  • Roles are now sorted alphabetically by Name on the Configure Roles page and Add Roles pop-up window.

Content Type settings

  • A new Application Setting that permits automatically populating new records in a specific Content Type with field values from the Profile record of the user who adds the record.
  • Edit Screens now support the ability to add Comments, so that if you are editing a record you do not need to return to the Detail Screen to comment on the record.2
  • Content Relations – You can now relate a content type to itself (for example, to implement "see also" functionality).

Version 3.7

June 2011

  • Connector Framework1. Presto now provides a plug-and-play infrastructure to connect to third-party repositories. For example, information might reside in SharePoint. Presto can connect to SharePoint and index the information, so users can search it in Presto while it remains managed by SharePoint.
  • Network Drive Connector2. An out-of-the-box connector enables Presto to retrieve and index files stored on a network drive. The connector pipeline enables automated metadata extraction from hundreds of file formats, including audio, video, image, graphic, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Postscript, and HTML.
  • Sort Browse Collections. Ability to sort items under any taxonomy entry by rating, date created, title, etc.

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  • Pre-built Content Types2. Pre-built Content Types, complete with screens and views, now ship with Presto. They include Document, Image, Photograph, Audio, Video, Multimedia, URL, FAQ, and News. These help to speed new installations and make it easier to modify an existing Presto application.
  • Section 508 compliance. Presto 3.7 contains several enhancements that support compliance with the Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This amendment requires US federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities, and defines requirements for accessibility.
  • Quick Search. The Quick Search box now appears on the menu bar and is accessible from every page in Presto.

Version 3.51

October 2010

Home Page: Implemented a new 'Create A Topic' Web Part to enable adding topics to Forums from the Home Page.2

Searching: Improved performance with additional caching, new indexes, and so on.

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Browse Collection: Improved performance displaying the Category list, including loading category information on demand.

Plus a number of feature updates.

Version 3.5

August 2010

Discussion forums: Ability to configure and participate in forums. A forum is an online discussion site, where allowed users can read and respond to topics on a particular subject.

Content Relationships: Create One-to-Many, Many-to-Many, and One-to-One relationships between Content Types. This allows screens to be configured to edit and display data from the related Content Type. For example, a Book can have a relationship with both an Author and a Publisher. The Author and Publisher can then appear on the Book Detail screen, for example.

Web Reports: Create Web reports from within Presto. Copy or filter a report. A new option, Report on Content, displays search results in a report.

Improved overall performance optimisation for large enterprise organisations.

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Extended Single Sign-On (SSO): Allows third-party authentication; that is, allows another site to authenticate the user, then redirect to Presto and have Presto accept the other program's authentication.

Enhanced Active Directory integration: Ability to import Active Directory User Profiles and ability to specify the Locale and Time Zone (if required).

Import File including document property extraction: Ability to set up a folder so you can drag and drop files into it, which are then automatically imported into a Presto Content Type, including extracting various document properties (for example, Title, Author, Date Created).

WCF Services API: Implemented a method to retrieve the binaries (images, PDF files, etc.) associated with a record by using the WCF Services API.

Version 3.3

March 2010

Searching: "Act on Content" toolbar now appears just below the main menu bar after a search, when browsing, and in other situations. Alternatively, "Act on Content" options are available via a pop-up menu when right-clicking anywhere in the search results.


RSS Feeds:
  • RSS Feed Web Part enhanced to allow two-column display, include short descriptions with images, and adjust mouseover size.
  • Presto Blog RSS Feeds now allows display of profile images of users who wrote the posts.

Home Page: Ability to export Presto home pages for backup, and ability to import an existing Presto home page for a new role.

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Importing: Ability to import content from comma-separated value (CSV) files making it easier to load data into Presto.

Security: Password reset feature implemented which makes use of Security Questions and Security Answer fields.

Sharepoint plug-in: You can now search Sharepoint from within Presto (Federated search) and search results will be displayed on a Sharepoint-specific tab. You can also search Presto directly from Sharepoint and Presto search results displayed in Sharepoint.

Version 3.2

November 2009

User Profiles:
  • Ability to add fields to a Profile content type and to modify the profile Add/Edit screens which are used for Configure Users and Update My Profile.
  • Ability to include Profile records in Collections, so they can be categorised for browsing. All Content Collection features are supported for Profile records.
  • Ability to specify default Time Zone and Locale for new users.
  • Ability to create personal Alerts or Global Alerts for Content-related events for Profiles (eg. Content viewed, Tags modified, Rating modified).
  • Ability to create custom search links that search another content type for items associated with that user. For example, you could have a link that searches for all books that user has borrowed, and another link that searches for all documents that a user has written.

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Other new features:
  • Federated Search: The Search Results page can be configured with additional tabs for providers such as Google, Bing, or Wikepedia, to display results after a Quick Search.
  • SharePoint Web Parts: The following Presto Web Parts can be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint: Quick Search, Featured Collection, Presto Reports.
  • Report Localisation: Text in SQL Reports (View Reports, View Event Log, Monitor Jobs, and custom reports) can be localised or customised.

Version 3.1

June 2009

  • Presto now uses SQL Full Text indexes for searching.
  • Automatic stemming and plurals available (on by default).
  • Support for synonym searches (so a search for cat also retrieves feline), once the appropriate SQL Server thesaurus has been configured.
  • Ability to search for records where a field is empty.
  • Proximity searching is no longer available, but NEAR searches have been implemented.
  • There is a new menu, Reports, which includes options to View Reports and View Event Log. If the menu does not appear, choose Configure>Menus and Menu Bars, click Re- Order Menu Bar, and add the Reports menu.
  • SQL Reports can be added to the View Reports page. A report for Navigation Information (User Name, Presto URL visited, and Date/Time) is provided.
  • "Presto Reports" is a new Web Part, which can be added to a Home Page and/or integrated with SharePoint. In Configure Home Page, the list of available Web Parts includes a check box for Presto Reports.
User Profiles:
  • You can search for and display User Profiles like you can other records.
  • You can configure Views and certain Screens for user profiles. Scroll to the bottom of the Configure Content Types page, and click the appropriate links. Note that you can only configure the Advanced Search Screen, Detail Screen, Print-Friendly Screen, and E-mail Screen.
  • Configuring a user provides additional fields for defining an account. Note that the Security Question and Answer fields are intended to support a feature that will allow end-users to obtain forgotten passwords. This feature will be fully implemented in a future release.
  • You can specify a profile image, which will appear on Blog Posts and Comments and wherever user profiles are displayed.


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Browse Collection:
  • The Uncategorized folder has been eliminated. Instead, an Add To Category button appears on the Search Results, Detail Screen, and InfoCart pages, permitting you to select one or more content items, then select a category to which to add them.
  • The counts (shown in parentheses after category names) can now be cumulative, so they will include the number of content items in the current category and all subcategories.
Authentication and Login:
  • Create Account at Login allows any user to create their own account, with limited rights provided by the built-in Guest account.
  • OPAC logins now bypass the Login screen for the first system access. This provides support for URLs that drill down directly to a specific Search Results page or Detail Screen.
  • Presto now accepts multiple OPAC logins. Each OPAC login is directed to an appropriate Home Page.
  • If Presto is set up to use Active Directory: After authenticating the user, if Presto determines that the account does not already exist in Presto, it will automatically create a user account corresponding to the AD user name.2
  • Blogs2. You can now configure Views and certain Screens (Advanced Search Screen, Print-Friendly Screen, E-mail Screen) specifically for blogs.
  • Events. Individual events are either on or off for all content types or all collections. Previously, you turned each event on or off for one content type or collection at a time. For example, if the "Content viewed" event is checked, events are logged when any record in any content type is viewed using the Detail Screen. Events for Blog posts can now be tracked as well.
  • Alerts. The View My Alerts page, which displayed the 50 most recent alerts e-mailed to the logged-in user, has been removed.
  • Improved Paging Behavior. Paging on the Search Results page no longer limits paging on the Detail Screen. You can use the Next and Previous buttons on the Detail screen to navigate through the entire set of records found.

Version 3.0

October 2008

Social Features:
  • Blogs Create Blogs with one or more authors1
  • Ratings Rate individual content items with 1-5 stars
  • Tags Add tags to content items or blog posts. The tags can either be displayed in a tag cloud or in a list. Clicking a tag in a tag cloud retrieves all items with that tag. A My Tags/All Tags toggle permits users to choose whether to see all tags assigned to a content item, or just their own tags for that content item. A View My Tags option permits users to view a tag cloud of all of the tags they have specified anywhere in the Presto catalog.
  • Comments Add comments to content items or blog posts.

Home Page: The Home page has been completely redesigned to use Web Parts, which makes the Home page easier to customize. Any number of HTML areas, Featured Collection areas, or RSS Feeds can be added to the Home page.

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Search Results:
  • Specify Content Type Order. The Configure Content Types screen now includes a Set Listing Order button, which permits you to specify the order in which Content Types and Blog posts will appear on the Search Results screen after a Quick Search, and elsewhere.
  • Improved Page Navigation. The Page control on the Search Results page and other pages now permits you to easily select the first or last page of records, or type a specific page number.
  • Copy Record. A new Copy Record button on the Detail Screen duplicates the current record and opens the copy in the Edit screen.2

Edit (HTML Control): The HTML edit control used throughout Presto now let's you easily insert images into HTML fields.2

Sharepoint plug-in1: A Quick Search web part is available for Sharepoint, to search the Presto catalog and display the results in Sharepoint.

Version 2.2

April 2008

Search :
  • Implement term searching
  • Support ability to search Category fields
Search Results :
  • An Edit button is available under Act on Content for the Search Results, Browse Collection, and InfoCart pages.2
  • A "Quick summary" view can be specified as the default view after a Quick Search.
  • When sorting by a Text field, ignore leading articles (e.g., a/an/the).

Browse Collection : Show the number of items in each Category in parentheses after the Category name. For example: Recent Articles. RSS Feeds : Limit the messages to items created in the last N hours (default is 48 hours) to improve performance with large numbers of events.

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Roles :
  • Record Level Security implemented
  • Access to the Email option and the 3 Download options (HTML, PDF, XML) controlled by Role
Configure Content Types :
  • Content Types - New Required field are added to the Edit Screen automatically.2
  • Configure Screens - Implement Value Separator for Multi-Value fields.
  • Views - The Default Alert View now includes only first field in Content Type; you can add additional fields as desired.

Events : Record which document was viewed in

Presto Services : New Document Capture service, which imports documents placed in specific folders.2

Customizing Presto Support overriding the menu bar color/style in CustomBaseStyles.css.

Version 2.1 Service Packs

  • Menu bar -– Now shows how many items are in the Cart.
  • Value Lists - Option to specify the number of entries displayed on Select Value(s) pop-ups.
  • Configure Views - Easier to change the order of boxes in screens.
  • XML export reports can specify which fields to export and sort criteria.
  • ContentLoader - new DeleteContent option to delete all content items in specified Content Type.

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  • Import Content - Match options now accept advanced Lucene query syntax.2
  • Detail Screen - Option available to specify the size of an image in the Body section.
  • Archiving facility implemented which deletes or deactivates content items, jobs, or events older than a specified number of days.
  • Ability to add Previous 5 Years And Forward to Date Search options on Advanced Search Screen.

Version 2.1

August 2007

  • The Browse and Organize menus have been consolidated into a single Browse menu. (The functionality of Browse and Organize collections functionality has been consolidated into a single page)
  • Presto can be configured to search an existing Genie catalog.1
  • Presto supports accented characters in searching and sorting.
  • All Alert types can be scheduled.

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  • Automatic guest role sign-on is configurable.
  • In Configure Screens and Configure Views, one can specify content type and property class attributes in controls and view items can be specified.
  • RSS Feeds have been changed to accommodate best-of-breed RSS readers.
  • Presto supports adding customized plug-ins to the Act on Content list on Search Results and Detail screens.

Version 2.0

March 2007

  • Quick Search Box Menu. A "Quick Search" box is available on every page via the "Search" menu. The text box always appears as the first item in the menu.
  • All fields, screens, and views are configurable via the user interface.
  • Searchable Category Names. Category names are searchable from the "Quick Search" text box (on the homepage and menu) and "Words Anywhere" text box (on the Advanced/Fielded Search Pages). If the "Category" field is configured to be displayed in either a view or a screen, it is displayed as a direct link to category on the "Browse" page.
  • Events and Alerts. Content, collection, login/logout, user profile, and system events are logged, and alerts can be sent on an "as it happens" or scheduled basis via e-mail or to the alert portlet on the homepage.

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  • RSS feeds. Alerts and search results can be subscribed to as RSS feeds.
  • Download as XML. End users can download search results in XML format.
  • Proximity Searches. Use the proximity operator, a tilde (~) followed by a number, after a quoted phrase to find one word within a certain distance of another word. For example: "government municipal"~3
  • Grid Views. This additional view type (ie. table) can be created for each content type.
  • Print Current Page. This button on the Search Results page permits you to print the information in the viewing pane.

1 - Optional for additional cost in Presto for DB/Text

2 - Not available in Presto for DB/Text

3 - Some aspects are not available in Presto for DB/Text

Last update: December 2017