About Maxus Australia

 Maxus Australia provides information management software and consulting services to a wide range of organisations across Australia, in South East Asia, the South Pacific and elsewhere. Our consultants are the leaders in their field, with extensive information management and software experience, and specialise in programming, scripting, design, database set up and training.

Established in 1975, Maxus Australia has a tradition of providing quality information management services to a broad range of clients across Australia. We introduced the Inmagic software system to Australia in 1984 and in the years since, our focus has been on the provision of software and services for information management, focussing on the supply of the Inmagic® DB/Text® software, together with training, support and consultancy services. Based in Melbourne, Maxus Australia services clients nationally and has representatives in other states that provide local support.

Maxus Australia has consistently been one of Inmagic's major resellers.

Inmagic, Inc. utilises partner organisations from around the world to ensure distribution and after-sales service for its software. In recent years Maxus Australia has consistently been one of Inmagic's major resellers. This achievement is a reflection of the popularity of the DB/Text, Library Suite and Presto ranges amongst the library and information community, museums, galleries and historical societies in Australia and nearby countries. It is also a confirmation of the fact that Maxus and the network of Maxus representatives are well respected for strong technical support, business ethics and responsiveness to the needs of our clients. Click here to see why our reputation is so strong.